Shipping and return policies for Forest Roots

Shipping Info
All physical orders shipped registered via the German mail service. When purchasing multiple units, the shipping costs increase. International shipping outside of Germany is always insured up to € 50 per package.

With the exception of pre-order items, all orders are processed and mailed within 3-5 days of cleared payment for available releases. The delivery time depends on the shipping service provider of the respective country.
Return Policy
As all physical orders are well packaged and processed by registered mail including a tracking number, they are traceable and normally nothing should get lost, so far all goods have also been delivered. However, incidents or problems of the shipping process can still occur. In these cases the following applies:

1) Damaged orders won't be replaced, as responsibility lies with the delivering mail service, therefore compensation for damage to the goods must be claimed from the mail service.

2) Lost orders also won't be replaced, as shipment tracking provides monitoring up to the destination with fulfillment of the registered mail within EU and guaranteed delivery with insurance for all international orders for the rest of the world.

If the shipping service provider can no longer procure the lost or undelivered goods on your request, you can contact Forest Roots. We then check the matter in more detail and make an individual decision about whether a partial payment is possible or not that makes up the difference between the digital and physical release, since the purchase of the physical release also automatically acquires the digital version and this part of the purchase cannot be undone. This means that a full refund and cancellation of shipped goods is not possible.